October 5, 2022

Vehicle disassembly for Vinyl Wrap. When is it needed? When is it not?

What's the difference between wrapping a light colored vehicle vs. a dark colored vehicle?

Why disassemble your vehicle for wrapping?

Are you considering having your vehicle color changed wrapped but don't know what is involved? The color of your vehicle and the color of wrap you choose can make a big difference! Considering wrapping your dark colored vehicle with a dark colored wrap material? You will need less disassembly of your vehicle because the dark color of your vehicle will disguise the crevices of paint that are not completely covered by the wrap. Versus a white colored vehicle being wrapped in a dark color would require some disassembly up to complete disassembly depending on the vehicle and what paint would be left exposed after the wrap is installed. This is something to consider when making the decision to wrap your vehicle and what color you choose.

A wrap can be a great choice when it comes to customizing your vehicle. Think of it as an AUTOMOTIVE FASHION STATEMENT. A direct reflection of your unique personality. Making your vehicle stand out as truly one of a kind. Contact us today to discuss options for color change wrapping your vehicle!